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Kristy Rose is a hardworking mother of 5 kids who loves spending time with her family, gardening, cooking, and the great outdoors!  She works full-time outside the home, but in her free time she enjoys writing about science, saving money in the kitchen, gardening tips, and more to earn extra money passively with Hubpages.  She has a Master's degree and BS degree in Environmental Science and hopes you learn alot reading her many hubs!

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    Tips for Raised Bed Gardening

    23 months ago

    Raised bed gardening provides many benefits over traditional garden practices. Better soil and drainage, easier to reach plants, and less weeding. Learn valuable tips to help you create a successful and beautiful...

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    How to Investigate an Unknown Transaction or Charges on Your Playstation Network Account

    24 months ago

    Learn how to investigate an unknown transaction from Playstation on your bank account. This article also provides some great tips for preventing your kids from purchasing games accidentally on your Playstation Network...

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    Using Mums, Pumpkins and Other Unusual Plants in Your Halloween Decorating

    24 months ago

    Spruce up your Halloween decor with plants and flowers that fit the theme. Black pansies and orange mums to start with - this article gives you some unique ideas to help with your Halloween decorating.

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    Decorating Your Porch with Mums this Fall

    2 years ago

    Decorate with mums this fall to give your home some spectacular curb appeal! This article give some great tips and ideas for adding mums to your front porch area.

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    How to Care for Your Fall Mums

    2 years ago

    Chrythanemums can be a perfect addition to your fall decor! These beautiful flowers come in bright red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. Read this article for more information on caring for your potted mums!

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